Tuesday, 4 October 2011

A Shitboy try to be a Playboy (Part 1)

Once Upon a Time there was a kind boy i ever meet since these day! his name is Ramsey! he's try to be perfect in girls eyes!
when he find out a girl like or even love him, he always make the girl falling hard with him! with ROMANTIC LINE IN
the girl name was Dylan. Dylan get more AFFECTION from Ramsey..

But a week later Ramsey suddenly get be mad to Dylan with no reason... then Dylan was SAD ANGRY AND DISAPPOINTED to Ramsey... 
then a couple day later Ramsey do the same thing to another girl her name was Jenny.. then jenny fall for him just like Dylan in the first time! before Dylan knew Ramsey and Jenny get closer.. jenny and Dylan like best friend when Dylan find jenny and ramsey get closer everyday Dylan and jenny no longger be best friend cause jenny was like a dick to Dylan.. because jenny had already knew that Dylan fall for Ramsey....
Now jenny and Ramsey get more closer! and Closer! but Dylan just keep that felling in her deepest heart! then Ramsey just Dylan memory!

till' now jenny and ramsey still Closer. once a day ramsey "STUDY DATE" at jenny house.... then jenny tweet on twitter like this "Thanks you've played to my house, I am very happy: ')" hmmmmmmm  on that sentence definitely  that jenny fall for Ramsey..... but in these past day i think jenny get the same problem like Dylan GET IGNORE BY HIM! hmmmm let we see another week how there relationship begun!

Tobe Continued..

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